Puppy Pose

Ok, the actual puppy pose shot didn’t turn out well enough to make the cut, but that’s what I think of when I see these two together.  I learned that boys aren’t really into taking photos as much as girls are, but I was able to grab a couple shots.



Girls on Deck

Part of the “toll” paid for being at my house is playing lighting model.  I am horrible at directing children, so I’ve decided to just let them go about their business.

I also remembered why I fell out of love with my 85mm.  Being a human zoom doesn’t work when there’s not enough room to move back to.




Fall Deck

I was interested to know if the lighting was good on the deck mid-morning.  It’s an overcast fall-ish day.  I made a half-effort and brought out my SB-700, but was too lazy to pop open the softbox.  Note to self:  pop open the softbox next time.

I also dusted off my 85mm prime. Note to self: prime isn’t always better.



Modern Barber

Yesterday, I got my hair cut and brought along my fantastically dashing client for his first trip to a hair salon.  Despite his serious demeanor in the chair, a compliment from the barista shortly after brightened his mood.

G for Hair

G for Hair




Double Happiness

Double happiness

Film. Tri-X Pan 400. Black and white. No post processing.

I was scanning my Facebook wall when I came across Rock the Shot’s September challenge: Laughter.  This is the first image that came to mind.

I took this photo at my cousin’s wedding.  I wasn’t the hired photographer there.  I was just a guest.  Luckily, I was seated next to the stage.  My Nikon N80 had an unfinished roll of film in it, so I took about six shots that night.

Biggest smile of the night.



Chris is unquestionably less intelligent than Doggie was (there, I said it).  However, I admit that Chris is more photogenic.  He looked happy on the front steps this afternoon with his new squeaky toy.  Tongue out; ears up.  Good boy.



Outtake Back-to-School

Sometimes (ok, often) my unplanned shots are the best.  Thus making it more important that I resolve this whole “background problem” I have.  And I won’t even blame my narrow background because no matter how big my background is, I swear I would find a way to mess it up.

I suppose I could have easily Photoshopped out the background.  Eh.



Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Back-to-school has arrived.  Now I can go back to my normal work routine. However, before I do, I decided to haul my lights and background out once more.  I quickly realized that my backdrop was 6 feet too narrow and my living room not sufficiently wide either.  Why hadn’t I noticed this before?  I suppose I can avoid full-length shots for the time being.




Spa Session

I volunteered to take photos at the annual TAPS Conference and was assigned to “the Spa Session”.  I actually brought my flash along, but decided against it after I realized they were trying to create a soothing atmosphere.